Innovate instruments for EMC mesurements

Emzer designs and develops innovative lab instruments for electromagnetic interference measurements. Our research on new measurement systems for electromagnetic compatibility enable us to develope high-tech instruments with advanced features.

EMC mesurement

Here’s how we work

We are engineers who are excited to leverage technology in new and unexpected ways.

We innovate, evolve and continually improve our products.

We optimise our operations to offer the best after-sales service.

We co-operate directly with our customers to meet their needs.

We keep an open mind to international diversity anywhere in the world.

Innovative Lab

EMZER is constituted by passionate engineers and researchers that have made from innovation a way of life. We are building the next technological paradigm of instruments for electromagnetic compatibility measurements. We create technology that improves technology.

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When it comes to our customers, we strive to provide the most comprehensive offering of Technical Support and Client Services to ensure your requirements are met, optimize your system performance, provide training and answer any questions you may have.

EMZER headquarters are placed in the Barcelona Activa Technology Park.

C/ Marie Curie 8-14, Mod A120.

08042 Barcelona

Supported and distributed by wavecontrol

Wavecontrol is a leading company in the commercialization of EMC, RF and Microwave test systems and it is CO-FOUNDER and active partner of EMZER.

Global supply

EMZER operates around the world through our main distributor Wavecontrol.

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  • EMZER Technological Solutions, S.L.
  • C/ Pallars 65. 6-4. 08018 Barcelona (Spain)
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