Complete measurement instrument for conducted emissions.



A compact 16-A LISN, transient limiter and emi test receiver for conducted emissions

EMSCOPE is a new CISPR-16-1-1 compliant EMI-Test Reciever with an integrated 16-A LISN that fully embodies the measurement of common- and differential-mode conducted emissions


Technical Specifications

Standard for EMI Test Receiver / LISN
Fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 / 16-1-2 standards
Peak, quasi-peak and average
Type of measurements
Physical (line and neutral) and modal (common and differential mode) conducted emissions
Full spectrum measurement time
Equal to the measurement dwell time, which is totally configurable from 10 ms to 15 s
Integrated circuits
Pre-amplifier and pulse limiter
AMN impedance / Pre-filter Choke
50 Ω || (50 μH + 5 Ω) / 250 μH
Artificial hand / connector type
510 Ω + 220 pF / 4 mm banana
Connector for EUT / mains
Schuko socket (Type F) / IEC C20

Physical Specifications

195 mm
252 mm
438 mm
8.5 kg

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